Supporters Terrace To Be Combined
Terrace divide to be removed for final two games
Oct 2nd 2012
Supporters Terrace To Be Combined

The article below is reproduced from one on Burgundy Wave. The facts stated in the article are 100% as the BSG understands them at this stage.

The Supporters Terrace, home of the Pid Army and Bulldog Supporters Group, will be combined from two into one for the final two games of the season, finally fulfilling a request thats been on the table for years.

Its not quite removing it entirely, but the two sides of the Supporters Terrace in the north end of Dicks Sporting Goods Park will be fused together into one smaller terrace right behind the goal for the final two games of the season. The Bulldog Supporters Group and Pid Army will now be in one section instead of two, which will end the cacophony involved with having two different songs coming out of the north end half the time.

The fusion will happen against San Jose and Houston, just as a test run before its decided if they want to keep it that way for 2013.

Instead of coming down the center of the park, players will now enter from the East. That will give the fans in the terrace a chance to do their usual hootin and hollerin at the players walking by while allowing it to be centered behind the goal.

Both supporters groups have been clamoring for this move for quite a while now, since the terrace was installed in fact. A 500-person terrace is guaranteed to be bursting at the seams every game, which will counteract the fact that the current terraces rarely sold out with their 1000 capacity. (One would assume that theyll slowly add more and more seats if it stays sold out for a long time, assuming the one terrace plan continues next year.) If it goes well, theres a chance that it could stay that way for next year, which would be a fantastic move forward for the north end and both groups there.

Even better, this will effectively end any still lingering supporters group drama that was being perpetrated by the select few who enjoy that sort of thing. I doubt anyone will complain about that.

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