The New Terraces Are Here!
Details of the improvements to the terraces
Mar 6th 2012
The New Terraces Are Here!

BSG members & other Rapids supporters will be in a treat when they descend the stairs down to the north end at the home opener against Columbus in just under a weeks time. For gone are the low level risers, to be replaced by adapted bleachers which will give supporters a vastly improved view of the game.

Those of you who have been attending Rapids games before 2010 will no doubt have a sense of deja vu about the look of the north end as it is indeed the same structures that were placed there before the supporters terrace was created. However we should not expect a return to the old ways as the structures, which hold just under 480 people on each side of the players walkway, have been extensively refurbished so that supporters may stand, jump & do all the things theyve come to enjoy about the terraces.

The section will still be general admission (GA) & the expectation is that that loudest fans will stand in the back rows to ensure the singing & chanting has the greatest effect. The BSG will be operating a standing for 90 minutes policy on the east side & anybody who wishes to be seated for the game for more than a short period will be given assistance in relocating their tickets to other areas of the stadium.

The new terraces (bleachers) will come with one major new rule which is applicable to the entire stadium; please do not stand on the seats. This will be strictly enforced by designated BSG members & security as doing this presents a safety hazard. We urge supporters to help themselves by adhering to this & the other stadium rules to minimize the amount of policing our section requires, which in turn promotes the supporters culture.

The new style terraces have come about after months of lobbying & negotiation with the Rapids. Richard Bamber, the BSG COO takes up the story; During the 2nd half of last season we notice

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