2012 BSG Election Results
Jordan Ochoa, our club secretary, rounds up all the election details
Jan 30th 2012
2012 BSG Election Results

Dear fellow BSG members!

The first-ever BSG elections are now complete and the results are in! Thank you to everyone who participated in the democratic-style vote, as we will see two new members as President and Vice President, while each of the Chief Operating Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary positions will feature re-elected persons. The election process began in December and went up until the last day to cast your ballots on Jan. 27th, in which the response was pretty positive. Id like to encourage feedback and suggestions about the process so that the next time we do this again a year from now, anything that needs to be improved or changed can be implemented into the process. Motions can be officially proposed at BSG meetings concerning the topic.

Moving along, we would like to thank former President Jon Forget, founder of the BSG, for his great efforts in growing our group and building the foundation for what will continue to be a successful supporters group and promoter of the sport we all love. His vision surely will continue to thrive in the hands of new leadership. Matt Baumgartner was also heavily involved with the BSG early on and became the Vice President of our group. Matts passion for the Rapids is always apparent and he really helped drive support for the BSG and was not only a very likable person to be around, but a great leader. Hell continue to be a vital part of our membership as well.

Now for the results, I am happy to announce that Dave Wegner won the Presidency with a vote tally of 41-6, beating out RON (Re-Open Nomination), while Eben Dennis is the new Vice President tallying 28 votes to Justin Hills 17. RON received two votes in the Vice President category. Richard Bamber was re-elected as Chief Operating Officer with a vote tally of 43-4 over RON, and to conclude the results, Taresa Cavaliere will continue to be Treasurer and Jordan Ochoa the Secretary of our group, as both of them had a count of 46-1. Id like to note that Mr. Hill will continue to be a huge asset to our team though, as hell continue to be a part of tailgate duties and further more will be given the opportunity to take up a position in the BSGs Executive Council.

2012 BSG Election Results

President: Dave Wegner 41, RON 6
Vice President: Eben Dennis 28, Justin Hill 17, RON 1
Chief Operating Officer: Richard Bamber 43, RON 4
Treasurer: Taresa Cavaliere 46, RON 1
Secretary: Jordan Ochoa 46, RON 1

Best to all of you!

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