Terraces Future - Have Your Say!
The BSG & the Pid Army launch joint consultation to shape the future of the Supporters Terrace
Jan 12th 2011

The BSG & the Pid Army are joining forces to give all Rapids fans who grew to love the Supporters Terraces this year a chance to have input on their future. All fans are invited to send their comments, irrespective of whether they watch games from the terrace or are a member of the BSG or Pid Army. We would like anyone who is interested in improving the situation on the Supporters Terrace to be involved.

The Rapids have repeatedly told us that they are open to ideas on how the terraces may be improved so it up to us as supporters to speak up & communicate what we like & dislike about the area. The plan will be to take all the comments received & draw common themes from them. These themes will then be presented by the supporters groups into their meetings with the Front Office where hopefully action will be taken. The feeling is that one persons views on the terrace can easily be ignored, but it becomes a little harder if hundreds of supporters are saying the same thing!

Before sending us comments, we urge all fans to read the notes below & take the information into account in their response.

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A few notes on things you may want to consider:

1. Be creative! If money was no object, what would you build here? You never know, sometimes ideas which seem completely crazy can be turned into something that works.

2. Look at the routes used by players & fans on matchdays. Is there any reason why it might be useful to change them? How?

3. Think about how the actual terrraces themselves should be changed. For example, should they be extended back (i.e. made higher) or lengthways?

4. The capo stands are currently placed near the corners of each side of the terraces (shown with the two small black boxes). Would you change anything about them?

5. Think about whether you are prepared to sacrifice being so close to the players for an improvement in view.

6. Is there anything the Rapids could do to help make the terraces to feel more like the supporters home? Would you add or take anything away? Could the Rapids allow us to do some things differently with flags / banners etc.?

The following photographs may help fans visualize the area:

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If you would like more information:
Email Richard Bamber - Email Dave Cleland - Post on the Big Soccer Thread

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