Supporters March This Friday Night
BSG, Class VI & Pid Army to march down 16th Street Mall
Nov 10th 2010

The BSG, Class VI & Pid Army are planning to join forces this Friday night in a joint march down Denvers 16th Street Mall to promote Saturdays MLS Eastern Conference Final game against San Jose.

Fans are due to meet at either the British Bulldog or Katie Mullens from 6.30pm this Friday. The march will begin from the Bulldog at 7pm & proceed to Katie Mullens arriving around 7.15pm. It will then head down 16th Street as far as Market Street before returning back up the mall.

Supporters are encouraged to wear as much Rapids / burgundy gear as possible to show the city what color we all bleed.

As well as playing their part in raising awareness of the biggest soccer game in Denver for years, participants will receive an exclusive Adidas MLS Cup 2010 T-Shirt for their time.

If you would like to participate or want more information:
Email Jon Forget - Post on the Big Soccer Thread

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